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Victoria Wang
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This is the beginning, and beginnings make me nervous. So let's take a different perspective.

Find a pillow.
Wear it on your head.
Smile blissfully at the computer screen, which blinks dumbly at you as you sit hunched over in the dark night.

That's better - now we're partners in crime. You should probably prepare a thicker pair of glasses and a chiropractor for scoliosis.

Welcome to my world.
(Originally posted in my blog,….)

Whether you want to warm up your pen, you want to have a bit of creative fun, or you're suffering from a stone wall of a writer's block, writing prompts are awesome. They're stress-free, don't take a lot of time, and help open your mind to creative possibilities. Past prompts I've written for include:
  1. Tell me about your name.
  2. If you were an ocean, which ocean would you be? Next, map your emotions with your body parts, and give each body part an environment.
  3. Various art prompts, which are basically, "See pretty thing? Now write!"
  4. "I’d love to _____ but my _____ just _____!" and continue.
The prompt I wrote for today was: "Pick a situation--mundane, strange, anything, so long as it's simple--and write 3 short mini-stories that could possibly fit the situation. The more wildly different, the better."
The situation: A stranger says “Hi!” and starts hugging you.

1. Undercover Goods

He did his best, his girlfriend could vouch for that: sunglasses, unshaved beard, the world’s most unflattering NYU sweater with the hood up. She’d laughed in his face when she’d finished dressing him. At the grocery store, he didn’t smile at a single soul, and put the cheese into his basket very sternly.
It didn’t work.
“Oh my God,” a high voice squeaked. “It’s Evan Kriss! From The Revengers!”
He started walking very quickly to the checkout line, but he was too late: a swarm of teenage girls instantly materialized, swarmed down the aisle, and leaped onto him, screaming “Hi!” and “Marry me!” and stripping off their clothes to throw at him.
He sighed, smirked, pulled out a sharpie, and started signing T-shirts.

2. Reunion

“Hi!” said a small voice, and a heavy weight latched onto her leg. She looked down. It was a little boy, couldn’t be more than six years old.
“Oh. Hello,” she replied, and shuffled them smoothly to a less crowded part of the train platform. Her military duffle jostled against her shoulder. “What’s your name, kid?”
“Okay, Josh. Where’re your parents?”
“Dad’s waiting for us at the steps. He has the camera.”
She looked up, and there was her boyfriend, walking across the station to her, holding a camera.
“Clara,” he said, with a smile that could break the moon in half. “God, I’ve missed you.”
She blinked back tears. “Mr. Maestro, what’s the meaning of this?”
“Well, I figured it was best to tell you in person.” He cleared his throat. “I may have adopted a kid.”

3. That Spark of Recognition

Do I know that person? I’m not entirely sure. She’s walking toward me though, and she definitely recognizes me, so—oh shit, she’s hugging.
“Hi,” she says, “it’s so good to see you again!”
Fuck, I am so screwed. “You too!” How do I surreptitiously find out her name?
“You really have changed a lot over the years—I mean, I never would’ve thought you’d curl your hair!”
……Ummm my hair has always been this way?
“Oh my God, Anya,” a girl says from behind me.
Anya blinks at the newcomer and laughs. “Oh, you’re Jacky! That’s so embarrassing!”
I turn around—and Jacky and I look nothing alike, what the hell?


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